Grounded Electrical

When Jonno and Vanessa Cole contacted us regarding a logo design for their electrical company, we knew they were ready to spark up their brand and illuminate its promise to their customers.

Logo presentation V1 Grounded Tas
Logo presentation V1 Grounded Tas

Our hands-on ideation process

Our logo creation process starts with a comprehensive briefing session where we get to know our clients personally and really dive in deep to understand the business. We ask questions about everything: the services they offer, how they go about their work, and most importantly, why they are passionate about what they do. Chatting with Jonno and Vanessa, it was clear that providing honest and reliable service to their clients was of paramount importance to them. Our ideation process of brainstorming keywords and sketching out ideas identified three design directions that we chose to explore further:

  1. Electrical symbols and links to the name 'Grounded'
  2. Solid, unshakable foundations that represent the principals and reputation of Jonno and Vanessa.
  3. The contrast between fluid, ever-changing technology and the solid, reliable principals

In the end, direction 2 was what represented Grounded Electrical’s brand most accurately.

A brand built on solid foundations

Grounded Electrical founder, Jonno Cole, is well known as a trustworthy, dependable professional. The name Grounded Electrical represents the reputation Jonno has built up over his years in the industry, and his focus on providing dependable service to his clients.

Logo presentation V1 Grounded Tas2
Logo presentation V1 Grounded Tas2
grounded logo on van
grounded logo on van

Versatile branding

We take a practical approach to logo design, always considering the production methods and application of branded material. Simplicity and scalability are carefully considered during our design process to ensure your brand is presented consistently and effectively in all cases. Our many years experience in printing and signage production have resulted in a thorough understanding of print methods and branding techniques: we design smarter for the multi channel traditional and digital places a contemporary logo has to perform. In the case of Grounded Electrical's logo, we took into account the way that the logo would present digitally, on vehicle signage and also embroidered onto high-vis uniforms. Care was taken in the design process to strip the logo back and simplify the elements, and we're supercharged with the end result.

We were referred to Round Table Studio for our brand development, and we were not disappointed. We really felt as though we were part of the creative process, and we were impressed by the knowledge and professionalism that they brought to the table. We are wrapped with the end result and we've recommended Round Table to a number of our friends.

Jonno Cole, Grounded Electrical Australia