Joe Black e-commerce

Cambridge Clothing is one of the leading men's tailored clothing specialists in New Zealand and Australia. They came to us with a vision to build an e-commerce site for their menswear brand, Joe Black - of course we were excited to be involved.


A 12 month plan

Cambridge came to us with a blank slate, a great passion for the Joe Black brand and a vision to see growth in a market that people thought "would not sell much". We set about showing them how wrong they were! Using our engaged model of immersive round table discussion, we came to a plan executed over a 12 month period that propelled Joe Black into one of the leading online menswear retailers in Australia.

Through assessing the existing Joe Black website functionality and user experience, we identified the following requirements for maximum engagement:

  • A full redesign of the user experience with a heavy focus on conversion
  • Increase brand awareness through consistent on-brand communication and UI
  • Provide technical flexibility to adapt to the market conditions
  • To build brand loyalty through a rewarding customer experience
  • Increase efficiencies within the business through custom integrations

A year later,

A year later - where did we end up? Well, we don’t want to brag, but...

  • 1100 % increase in revenue
  • Brought conversion increase up to industry standards
  • 250% increase in customer base
  • The loyalty of returning clients to a point that brings a smile to your face

2020 and Beyond

With the great foundation that both teams have laid, we are styling for the future of Joe Black.